Inside Our New Brand

Posted: September 29, 2016

Construction has long been an industry rooted in tradition, where hard work pays off and precision is key. The slightest miscalculation could result in dramatic consequences. So maybe it’s because of this precision and attention to detail that the industry as a whole has been hesitant to change its ways after all this time. After all, if it ain’t broke, why fix it?

Well, we recognized that after nearly 35 years of success in the industry, it was time for us to shake up our image and message. It’s not to say that our prior efforts weren’t working, but we realized that it was imperative to establish ourselves as thought leaders and innovators in our sector. We also aimed to reflect an image that appropriately represented our company.

This began in 2010, when we established REDCOM, after 28 years under the moniker of REDCO. Our intention was to take on more architecturally challenging and design-intensive projects, which we’ve excelled in ever since. In our brief tenure as REDCOM, we have designed and built an intricate Zoroastrian temple, the largest Audi dealership in North America and our own innovative headquarters. Not only have we diversified our portfolio, but we’ve nearly quadrupled in size in the past six years.

Now, it’s time to aim even bigger, and that is what our new re-brand is all about. With over 80 employees in three offices across the New York Metropolitan area, we have the resources and talent to design and build whatever new projects come our way.

This is a great time to partner with REDCOM. Our talented team of in-house engineers and architects are pushing the boundaries of traditional facility design, to come up with unique solutions that tailor to our clients’ wants and needs.

Giving your dreams structure is more than a tagline to us; it’s how we’ve gone about all of our projects since our inception. While it may have taken some outside help for us to realize it (thank you 3 Seed), there isn’t a combination of words that could’ve summed up what REDCOM does any better.

Our mission moving forward is clear: everything we build, from relationships to structures, is built with an uncompromising commitment to creativity and a passion for excellence. With our new headquarters, new brand and new image, we are looking forward to the future, but we will never forget our humble beginnings and what made our company great in the first place.