History of REDCOM

A concrete foundation

The history of REDCOM starts with the father of our current owner, Greg Redington. We’re deeply rooted in tradition. Established in 1982 as REDCO, we’re a second-generation commercial general contracting company equipped with in-house professionals experienced in architecture, engineering, project management, construction, and interior design.

Constructing our new name

Twenty-eight years of success under the name of REDCO led us to expand our vision, work, and name. As REDCOM, we’re ready to take on larger and more design-intensive projects. Whether that includes medical facilities, office and professional buildings, athletic centers, automobile dealerships, private schools, universities, or pharmaceutical facilities—we have the resources to give your dreams structure.

New builds on the horizon

We’re drawing up the blueprints for even bigger projects in the future. Our team is committed to designing and constructing the architecturally sound commercial, institutional, medical, educational, and industrial buildings you’ve come to expect from REDCOM. Now we’re ready to take it a step further. We’re focused on providing a more disciplined concentration on high-end design. From concept to completion, trees to keys, we’re here to help you at every stage of the building process.

Land Acquisition

However, the history of REDCOM does not end there. REDCOM and its sales team are procuring land, designing structures on that land, and searching for clients that match the project. There are many advantages to this approach, such as greater and more concise communication with clients. Unlike many contractors, our engineers, architects, estimators, and project managers are all under the same roof and able to solve issues efficiently and effectively. Another advantage is that once the site plans are approved, there are fewer variables, which allows us to give an accurate price at a much earlier stage in the process.

Founded by Jim Redington as REDCO Engineering & Construction Corp.
REDCOM, formerly known as REDCO, working on one of its earlier jobs, Acura of Denville
Current President, Greg Redington, joins REDCO
Transfer of ownership to second-generation
Roberto Martinez working at the new location in Westfield, NJ in the shared offices with Modestino Architects
Rebranded as REDCOM Design & Construction LLC
Held an Open House for our new office at 137 Elmer Street after the renovations and additions
Moved into 433 North Ave East, which was designed and built in-house
Giving Your Dreams Structure

With our in-house estimators, engineers, architects, project managers and on-site superintendents we have the talent and resources to take on larger, more design intensive projects.