Gregory J. Redington

Maria DePierro

Design Engineer

From West New York, NJ, Maria DePierro recently joined REDCOM as one of our design engineers. She has 5 years of experience with construction companies and an additional 6 years of experience under land development engineering, which she loves! Maria currently holds a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering, a master’s in construction management, OSHA 30 in general construction, and is certified in AUTOCAD. During her career she was offered the opportunity to work for FEMA which was an excellent experience for her.

In her free time, Maria loves to hang out with friends and family, specifically her niece. She also loves to ride bikes, play tennis, and learn more about engineering while dancing to her favorite music, and no, she doesn’t care who is watching! A fun fact about Maria is that her family calls her ‘Nina’ because there are 7 other Marias in her family! She is fluent in Italian and can speak some Spanish and Brazilian.