All for One and One for All

Posted: August 16, 2013

Reading through some of our past blog posts this week, I realize that the word “team” is often used to describe the staff at REDCOM. We don’t play sports (which is probably best for everyone), and we don’t have cool t-shirts showing a sense of camaraderie.  But we are working together to reach a mutual goal.

Communication is something we truly value at REDCOM. Once a week, like clockwork, the entire staff gathers in the conference room to discuss any concerns or issues, and to give shout outs for anyone who’s done an exceptional job that week. Everything is addressed head-on, and the team leaves the room with a clearer vision of how to achieve success.

The importance we place on communication transfers over to our clients. From day 1, they receive our undivided attention. The project manager is there to provide around the clock support; making sure budgets are met, construction is on schedule, and, in the case of renovation, that businesses are still open and making money.

Regularly scheduled meetings with the client begin taking place where we address any issues or concerns. We keep the client updated on everything from budget to scheduling, and we bounce ideas back and forth while trying to decide what the best way to proceed is. If the client wants to change something, we take a look at our options, and make changes together. Cell phone numbers become speed dial numbers, and no job is ever too far to drop everything and ride out to.

That way, when our client succeeds, we can celebrate the success with them. Because in the long run, when a client choses REDCOM, they become a part of our team.