Christmas Ornaments

Posted: December 23, 2013

There’s a tradition here at REDCOM that goes hand-in-hand with our holiday parties. Every year, each employee will make an ornament to hang on our Christmas tree, and the other employees will vote on their favorite. The ornaments can be funny, smart, sweet, traditional, and/or completely unorthodox, but it’s a time of year that everyone looks forward to. We voted for our favorite, but you can take a look and choose your own!

The REDCOM Carolers - John Manilio

Ask the Wisemen - Rich Augustin

Snowy REDCOM Sign - Sam Rockaway

Santa's Workshop - Jenn Forno

Mangilio - Caroline L'Heureux

Bar Joist - Terry McCuen

Sunkist - Camille Dvorsky

Shane on REDCOM  - Shane Lubitz

Renovating the Colusseum - Greg Redington

Scibek Brother's Christmas Album - Eric Buckley

What makes REDCOM great - Lawren Paris

Landmarke Tavern - Andy Bartushak

Snow White and the 7 PM Dwarves - Vinny Calabresi

The Kid who Couldn't Wait for Presents - Virgilio Torrao

All the Broken Lights - Dave Gasson

Bagel Breakfast Special - Magdalena Krejza

Family Hand - Danielle Stafford

The New Santa - John Malabre

REDCOM Tree - Andres Cruz

Our version of the Brawny Man - Brian McCabe

Floor Samples - Roberto Martinez

Ode to No-Shave November - Scott Bender

Recycled Clementines - Marco DeSousa

And the winner was…. John Manilio with his caroling REDCOM employees!