Fast Tracking

As a business owner, one goal for your company is to continuously grow, gain more cliental, and produce more revenue. However, when your business expands, your facility needs to grow with it. Expansions can be costly, time-consuming, and an overall headache for business owners. So, what is the best way to expedite this process efficiently and for a reasonable price? Fast tracking.

Fast Tracking 101
Fast-track construction is a process that is meant to save business owners money and time. The goal of fast-tracking is to minimize the amount of time spent between steps in the process. By limiting the time are speeding up the process in which your facility is completed, it allows your business to generate revenue at a quicker rate.

REDCOM’s Building Blocks of Construction
REDCOM defines the building blocks of the construction industry in 3 key elements. Greg Redington, President of REDCOM Design & Construction LLC, explains, “the three backbones of the construction industry are qualitymoney, and time.”

Each concept plays a key role in the process of an addition, renovation, or a new build. “Nobody wants a new building that is not top quality, nor does  someone want a building that in 6 months, a year, 6 years, or 16 years has things falling off it or needs work that  they did not intend to have done,” said Redington. “We are excellent listeners and give our clients what they want, and we lead our clients to make decisions  that are going to be of long-term value to their business.”

The market price for the construction industry is a common element to  business owners who are interested in expanding –  Greg explains, “business owners are intelligent people and therefore, they all have a certain budget or a certain value they can afford to  spend and invest in their business. Business owners also know that  spending money is aligned with long-  term value.” The quality and cost of a building explain themselves: the higher the quality, the more expensive the price, but the better the long-term value.

“I think Time is the most abused resource in the industry. REDCOM recognizes that time is the most critical aspect a business owner has, because once you use it, it’s gone and you’re never going to get it back,” said Redington. Consequently, unlike quality and money where you can fix an issue, change a vision or even a budget, you cannot recover time. Redington explains, “the time you spend mentally thinking about a design (or anything in life), worrying about it, getting it approved, planning it, all that mental anguish takes you away from your core business. A business owner’s time is a resource that you are wasting if you’re not using it wisely. REDCOM is sensitive about the time that you use as the business owner and the time that your employees spend planning the facility.”

All business owners dream about the perfect facility and imagine what they want for their business, but as Redington explains, “there are a lot of companies that spend tons and tons of time dreaming of things that never come to fruition. A goal is a dream with a deadline; it is okay to spend time dreaming about the future but spending too much time dreaming is a waste of time.”

The Benefits of Fast-Tracking

Fast-tracking your project can save you time and money, while still producing the same quality as the traditional route of outsourcing and hiring a separate architect, a separate engineer, and a separate general contractor. “We focus your dreams and get you to commit time to think, consider, and carefully evaluate what you do so we can put them into action right away,” says Redington. “My ultimate goal is to have a ribbon cutting ceremony at your new facility as quickly as possible.”

graphic comparing design build to bid build construction methods

REDCOM uses its in-house professionals to make the conception and construction process an intertwining procedure that can be easily managed. Redington explains that “we align our company goals with the goals of our clients, differentiating us tremendously. Consultants mean well, but their products are paper. Likewise, low bid GCs are focused on maximizing profits through change orders.” Because REDCOM is a “one-stop shop”, all departments are continuously working together from start to finish. “There is no finger pointing between the consultants and the GC,” Redington says. “Since our profits come at the end of the job, we want to finish the building as much as you do, so that aligns my company’s interests with yours.”

REDCOM is built on providing customers with value while being creative and passionate. Our main goal is to “give your dreams structure – you need to execute on your thoughts and execute on your dreams, and  REDCOM will help you do that,”    explains Redington. Fast-tracking   allows a business owner to sit back and watch the process run smoothly.   “REDCOM allows you to not have to become an expert in the construction industry. REDCOM’s   Project Managers carry the ball and manage your project from conception to completion.  With   fast- tracked design & construction you   will be in your new building before you know it.”

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