Art Takes Flight

The Westfield Public Arts Commission wanted to reach new heights in celebrating Westfield’s 300th anniversary! “Art Takes Flight” is the first of many of large-scale projects created by the Westfield Public Arts Commission. The art installation displays 30 butterflies around the town, representing the 30 decades of Westfield.

REDCOM Design & Construction LLC’s very own Michele Modestino was elected to join the newly-formed commission and was among other members to debut the butterflies in the Public Art Stroll this past Saturday, August 8th.

Out of 75 wonderful submissions, 30 talented artists were selected for the exhibit, one of them being Greg Redington and Michele Modestino’s daughter, Michela Redington. Michela’s marvelous creation was titled “Winged and Free,” and can be seen in front of the town’s Post Office.

“Art Takes Flight” was funded by private sponsors, and REDCOM was honored to sponsor the “Hearts in Flight” Butterfly, created by Jennifer Wilner.

Walk the streets of Westfield today to view these magnificent butterflies!

To learn more about the exhibit, click HERE.