One-stop shop for design and build services

Once you fall in love with the design we have crafted for your project, you can trust us to bring it to life using a unified workflow with our architects, engineers, and builders. Through this approach, we’re able to minimize loose ends and reduce the delivery schedule by overlapping the design phase and construction phase of your project. You can rest assured that we’ll handle all the nitty-gritty details.

Save time and money with single source responsibility

Single source responsibility makes managing your project easy by integrating a full-scope perspective. We will spend time where it is important: with schematic design and project budgeting. You will know the layout, look, and cost of your facility before you make any financial commitment. This will enable you to plan, budget, and finance your facility quickly and easily.

Our single source responsibility eliminates future unknowns and finger pointing between independent organizations. There will be no holes or gaps in coverage throughout any phase of your project.
A partnership with REDCOM will provide you with qualified design professionals, project managers, and job superintendents that will facilitate a fast-tracked, design-minded, economical approach to your facility. We will passionately pursue the best and most effective results.

Certain states require that design professionals be contracted separately from construction entities. In this case, REDCOM will act soley as the general contractor and will work with an independent, state-approved design professional to achieve the same great results as our design/build offerings.

Schematic Design Studies

We consider both aesthetics and functionality in every design. Our architectural staff works on all the schematics on-site and we strongly encourage our clients to come in and collaborate with us to ensure your building meets your needs.
Schematic designs also come with construction budgets. We are transparent about our design options and building materials so our clients are always aware of the costs related to every aspect of the project.

Engineering Design

REDCOM designs all site plans in-house. Our engineering design team works with intricate site plan schematic design to maximize the utilization of our client’s property. We excel in storm water management grading analysis, zoning issues, and vehicular and pedestrian accessibility. We also consider client-specific needs such as compass orientation of the facility and phasing for the project. Proper phasing minimizes costs and reduces the interruption of current business.

Owner’s Representative

REDCOM’s team of skilled and experienced professionals can act as an Owner’s Representative to handle all things construction.
An Owner’s Representative will:
  • Solicit bids and oversee the bidding process
  • Analyze, approve contracts and change orders
  • Oversee the construction budget
  • Manage the prime contractor

Local, County and State Approvals

We can help with all aspects of the approval process. We thoroughly review necessary requirements with our clients and any pertinent vendors in order to tie up loose ends. Our experienced team helps to make the approval process simple and keep your design-build project on track.