Fun Facts about REDCOM’s Renovation

Posted: October 25, 2019

Did you know that back in 2016, REDCOM’s current Westfield Headquarters was designed and built by our in-house professionals? Here are some other fun facts about REDCOM’s renovation!

  1. The roof structure is original.

2. The team reused the original wood from the existing building to build the restroom doors.

3. Sections of the original tin ceiling were used to build the “clouds” in the London and Paris conference rooms.

4. Windows from the original structure were salvaged and used as decorative interior suspended windows along the hangar.

5. This location was originally home to a Chevrolet dealership.

6. The blue mansured roof was removed from the original building during construction.

7. The white paint was sandblasted away to reveal the original brick color.

8. The wood and steel trusses were kept from the existing building.

9. REDCOM’s renovation included an addition, which was the construction of the front waiting area and the basement area.

10. The original building included a manually operating skylight that is located between the London conference room and the Director of Construction’s office. The other three skylights along the hangar were added.