NJ.COM: Giving your dreams structure: How REDCOM’s current headquarters takes design-build to the next level

Posted: November 29, 2019

REDCOM was recently featured on NJ.com, highlighting how our company changes the game in Design-Build!

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Giving your dreams structure: How REDCOM’s current headquarters takes design-build to the next level

In 2013, an unoccupied Chevrolet Dealership stood at 433 North Ave. East in Westfield. Today, it is the home away from home to 50 design-build professionals. REDCOM Design & Construction LLC is a second-generation general contracting company equipped with in-house professionals experienced in architecture, engineering, project management, construction and maintenance. If you’re wondering what they can do for you, take a look at what they did for themselves.

In 1982, REDCO Construction & Engineering Corp. was founded by Jim Redington in Bound Brook. In 1997, the ownership transferred to Redington’s son, Gregory J. Redington, the current president at REDCOM Design & Construction LLC. Twenty-eight years of success under the name of REDCO led the company to expand its vision, work and name.

Officially established as REDCOM in 2010, the company is ready to take on larger and more design-intensive projects. Whether that includes medical facilities, office buildings, athletic centers, dealerships, private schools, universities, or pharmaceutical facilities — REDCOM has the resources and talent to give its clients’ dreams structure.

That same year, the REDCOM team purchased the property at 137 Elmer St. in Westfield as its new headquarters. As the company’s work began to expand and evolve, management felt it was time for a bigger office that would further inspire its employees and clientele.

In 2013, REDCOM’s in-house professionals began drawing up the plans for what would be its new, rustic-chic workspace. Redington and his team found the space at 433 North Ave. East and designed and built the current REDCOM headquarters.

The Chevrolet dealership was renovated into a 9,575-square-foot office space with an 823-square-foot mezzanine and 830-square-foot outdoor piazza. While the original structure had been unoccupied for some time, REDCOM found ways to utilize the space, making the project more cost-effective. 

They decided to keep the original roof structure of the former dealership. Additionally, sections of the original tin ceiling were used to build the suspended “cloud” ceilings in the London and Paris conference rooms. Furthermore, windows from the original structure were salvaged and used as decorative, interior suspended windows along the hangar, and the original wood from the existing building was used to build the restroom stall doors.

The original facility included a manually operated skylight that is located between the London conference room and the director of construction’s office. The other three remote-operated skylights along the hangar were added to brighten up the rest of the space.

 In 2016, the new REDCOM headquarters officially opened and began operations. The space allows its employees to come to work feeling inspired to give their clients’ dreams structure.