No-Shave November

Posted: November 15, 2013

No-Shave November is popular among college students, rebelling significant others, and people who generally don’t shave and need an excuse not to.

But now, more than ever, companies are allowing their employees to take part in the event as a way to raise money for prostate and testicular cancer research. An announcement by the head of REDCOM’s engineering department, John Manilio, encouraged several members of the staff to let it grow! John said that for everyday a staff member did not shave during the month of November, he would donate $1 to cancer research. 11 men stepped forward to brave a month of itchy faces, embarrassing facial hair patches, and the possibility of sleeping alone.

The rules are simple:

1) Participants must shave all facial hair on October 31st.

2) Shape-ups are allowed. Trimming is not.

3) Shaving is not permitted until December 1st. Anyone who trims / shaves before December 1st will not be eligible for further donations from John Manilio.

Today marks the halfway point, and we wanted to let everyone see how some the participants are doing.

Sean Feeney- Ok, so we can’t really tell the difference.

Eric Buckley – We miss the baby face!

Shane Lubitz – Now we’re getting to the real facial hair!

Gregory Redington – Look at Greg, roughin it.

Vinny Calabresi – More hair on his head and face!

Mark Rabon – So… he might look like this year round…

John Manilio – The founder of this donation. You better believe he’s participating!

Virgilio Torrao – He’s just meant to do this.

We’ve gotten great feedback from both clients and consultants alike. We will see how everyone does and will post pictures of the final beards on November 30th.