Opening Message

Posted: June 25, 2012

Let me jump right to it: I CARE.

Everyone here at REDCOM is passionate about producing the best finished product we can for our clients. This not only includes making sure all the painting is neat and the name plates are straight, but it starts right at the beginning of an idea for a new or improved facility for your business or school:

What exactly are your needs?

Do you have a strategic plan covering the next 5, 10, 20 years?

Can your existing building(s) be re-configured or added onto to meet your needs?

If a new building is required what is the perfect location for it?

What are the benefits and detriments of a multi-story building?

What will it cost?

How do we pay for it?

How long will all this take?

REDCOM helps you answer these questions.

REDCOM is a unique company. There is no other design-build company with in-house professional engineers, architects, planners, and project managers that have our credentials. We constantly search out and find cost effective solutions to your issues.

By keeping REDCOM small (slightly less than 20 employees), I am able to be completely involved with every project. I am personally involved in answering the questions listed above, and I remain personally involved in the designs, approvals, construction, and all of your concerns.

All of my employees care deeply that they are making a difference for their clients. All of them recognize that the long term solution is the only one that is truly correct. They all look at the time and money spend on a project is like their own personal time and their own personal money. They research things thoroughly, consider and re-consider possible solutions, seek advice and opinions from outside sources to confirm and reinforce their ideas. All my employees are passionately pursuing the best solution for you, because it is a reflection upon themselves.

How do I know this?

Because I personally hired them. Because I work side by side with them. Because these are the values I have, and this is how I conduct myself. They recognize that to be successful at REDCOM, this is what has to be done.

All of us at REDCOM can be passionate about your project. Call us, and find out for yourself.

Thank you.
Gregory J. Redington, P.E. & P.P.