Crystal Mazda

REDCOM completed a renovation of the showroom and service area for the existing Mazda dealership portion of Crystal Auto Mall. This project also includes the installation of a state-of-the-art car lift. This is the second project that REDCOM has worked on for Crystal Auto Mall.

A State-of-the-Art Image Upgrade

Drive on over to our recently completed Crystal Mazda project in Green Brook Township, NJ, to see the finished product! Our team completed a renovation of the existing Mazda showroom and closed off the service drive. We also worked on an addition off of the slanted corner of the showroom, which is now the two-story, state-of-the-art Jewel Box (or car lift) for showcasing vehicles. We began this project in July 2019, and completed it in June 2020, after losing two months of progress due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Though COVID-19 posed a challenge, we were able to complete construction while the Mazda showroom was still operating. Our in-house professionals created the proper partitions to ensure that our client could still conduct business. We made certain that the facility was always properly cleaned so that the owner’s customers could still go through the Mazda buying experience smoothly.

The Mazda brand changed its image in several ways. Some of Mazda’s image upgrade requirements include:

  • New Brand Color: Mazda’s new image upgrade includes black as the new, main brand color. This gives the dealership a more modern, sleek feel.
  • Jewel Box: The Jewel Box is a new way that the dealer can have the newest vehicles on display for customers to admire.
  • New Customer Lounge: Mazda’s new image also calls for a re-design of the customer waiting lounge.
  • Mazda Boutique: Newly upgraded Mazda dealerships have a “Mazda Boutique” where consumers can buy Mazda-branded hats, t-shirts, and other collector’s items.
  • Clear Glass Partitions: Mazda took the upgrade to the next level when requiring Sales Representatives to sit in between glass, floor-to-ceiling partitions. Additionally, some of the offices now have floor-to-ceiling glass walls.
  • Wood-Looking Surfaces: The new upgrade features wood-looking tile flooring and accents. These wood-looking surfaces can be seen throughout the dealership.
  • Graphics: Mazda released a new graphics program, which allows the dealer to have branded images on display around the dealership to enhance the customers’ experiences.

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Watch our slideshow of Crystal Mazda’s final photoshoot below:

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I wanted to take some time to thank Greg and his staff for another beautifully completed project. This is our second project with REDCOM. The Mazda showroom really looks spectacular, and we have received so many compliments from our customers, vendors, and employees. I want to say a special “Thank you” to the team that worked with us throughout our remodel, John Cannata, Jimmy Conrad, and Petronila Gonzalez. Their attention to our project was top-notch and they helped us find solutions when the factory was making demands for things. Jimmy was there every day supervising the subs and it really took the stress from our shoulders.

Even with the Covid-19 outbreak things seem to move along and everyone was conscious of wearing protective gear and keeping their distance. John was always easy to reach and he kept us up to date on the project. He worked with us on containing the disruption to our other showroom so we could continue to do business while the Mazda remodel was going on. I also want to say thank you to Brianna, who provided us with up to date photos that we could post to our website as a timeline while our project was in progress. Thank you again from everyone here.

— Deborah AlbaneseGeneral ManagerCrystal Mazda
Service Utilized

Architectural Drawings, Construction Management


Green Brook Township, NJ

Project Stats

Addition: 838 SF

Renovation to the existing structure (includes Interior Showroom and Service Area): 5,863 SF

Completed: June 2020