REDCOM Biggest Loser Results – January

Posted: February 3, 2014

We kicked off our newly founded REDCOM Cares Campaign in the month of January with REDCOM’s Biggest Loser. Losing weight and being healthy have higher success rate when they are done in groups and with definitive goals. Eighteen staff members weighed and measured in on January 6th with specific goals in mind.

The office stocked up on mints and gum instead of mini chocolates. A scale was put in the middle of the floor. Workout plans created by a personal trainer were given to all interested employees. And at the end of 26 days, the office has lost over 60 pounds!

It didn’t come easily – that’s for sure. With the office located in central Westfield, temptations are everywhere. Coffee shops and burger places lay right across the parking lot. Italian and Mexican restaurants offer free delivery anywhere in town! And who can turn down a fresh Jersey bagel? On the other hand, being in central Westfield has its perks. There is a Subway across the street. There are several fresh sandwich and salad places within walking distance. And walking definitely counts as exercise!

To make things more interesting, we made REDCOM’s Biggest Loser a competition.  Some wanted to lose weight, some wanted to lose inches in their stomach or put on inches in their arms, and some simply wanted to lower their body fat percentage. We decided to make this a year-long competition with weigh-ins every month as a check-in.

So, I am proud to announce the winners of January!!

Percent of Body Weight lost: Sean Feeney – 5.70%

Body Fat Percentage lost: Eric Buckley – 1.90%

Percentage Change in Inches: John Manilio – 9.70%

All of these categories had tight races, so it will be exciting to see how everyone does next month. Luckily, February represents Heart Health Awareness month for the REDCOM Cares Campaign, and heart health goes hand in hand with nutrition and exercise. Stay tuned for results for next month!