Shop Talk

Posted: June 21, 2013

Manufacturers require a franchisee to adhere to specific interior finishes in areas a customer may touch when they visit a dealership; they are called “customer touch points.”  Although a service drive is considered a customer touch point, the shop where the technicians work is not and usually gets the least amount of attention when it comes to image and finishing upgrades.

I have been to hundreds of shops over the years and the biggest complaint from technicians is by far the appearance of the shop.  A well run shop can return huge profits to a dealership’s bottom line.  However, a nicely finished shop will attract “A” class technicians and help reduce employee turnover.

Shop finishes vary and range from a flooring upgrade to overhead fans that hang in the center and help circulate air.  High speed garage doors, radiant tube heaters, and shop-supplied tool storage units are a few options that can be incorporated into a design.  Although each item has a cost associated with it, is also comes with a business advantage.

The information above is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to shop finishes.  Our Architectural Department is nothing short of expert at ensuring your shop meets your business requirements, needs, and budget.  They will work in conjunction with your equipment supplier to ensure your dollars are wisely spent.

Each decision is a critical choice and we will guide you through the design process to guarantee your project meets your every expectation.