Start Your Day on Offense

Posted: September 4, 2012

Coming off of a long weekend I think it is really important to remind everyone about the right and wrong way to start your day.

Do not start your day on defense. Start your day on offense.

What does this mean?

It means play for your own points and stop worrying about everyone else.

How do you put this plan into action?

Do not accept calls for your first ½ hour of work.

Use this time to review and update your planner.

This will prepare a nice, clear list of priorities for you for the day.

Now, consider how the outside influences (that you have little control over) will affect your ability to follow through with your plans.

Reach out to these outside influences early in the day to minimize annoying interruptions from them later in the day.

Next, you are ready to touch base with your team to make sure that they are aware of anything that you may need from them.

Now that your priorities are in line you can now check your e-mails and messages.

BE WARNED, if you start your day checking your messages and e-mails you are being defensive and responding to the needs of others over your own. This will not lead to progress on your own goals and priorities.