We’re designing and building smarter. Greener.

We believe in integrating every element of a building’s design to meet the needs of its owners, occupants, and environment. At REDCOM, we have over 30 years of experience designing and constructing buildings from the ground up. With our energy solutions, we want to create a fresh start to sustainability, and make the world and your bank account greener.

  • High “R” Rated Insulation

    We look at the building envelope and the insulation value of the building envelope. Building envelopes that are highly insulated are able to retain their investment that they make in the environment from a heating standpoint and cooling standpoint. So the more insulation provides a better use of these resources.

  • High “SEER” HVAC

    HVAC systems come in various levels of environmental sustainability, based on the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER). We try to balance between the long-term benefits of these systems and the short-term cost with our clients. Naturally, the more efficient the systems are in the long-term, the more expensive the system is in the short term. We work hard to educate our clients to make environmentally responsible, budget-conscious decisions.

  • ERV – Air Replacement Technology

    Fresh air is very important to the health of all of your staff. We encourage our clients to utilize ERV – Air Replacement Technology Units and heat recovery ventilation systems so that your facility will have a constant flow of fresh air, while reducing air conditioning and heating energy costs.

  • Use of Renewable Energy Features

    We feel an important sense of responsibility towards doing the right thing environmentally and with that, we strive to minimize waste and nature loss during the course of construction.

    We concentrate on sustainable design, particularly from the use of fossil fuels and minimizing electricity, gas, and oil in exchange for utilizing natural renewable resources.

    We take a conservative approach to designing our roofs for future solar panels, HVAC units or other resources so when our clients decide to depend on renewable resources they are not limited by the building’s structural capacities. We want to provide our clients with the most flexibility so that they are able to make decisions that are environmentally responsible into the future.

    We can install solar panels, geothermal systems, and implement wind design and other features to improve the sustainability of your facility and save you money in the long-run. Solar panels currently provide a rate of return of about 15-22% on your invested dollar while geothermal systems and wind design provide a return of 3-5%. Even without government incentives, all of these options carry a 3-7% return on investment without any political incentives whatsoever.

  • Use of Local Materials with a Low Carbon Footprint

    Not only are our buildings built with quality materials to last, but we also focus on sustainability during the course of construction. Weather it’s selective recycling for dumpsters, local sourcing of material to minimize carbon footprints or hiring local subcontractors that have less travel time to the jobsite, we consider everything when we design and build your facility.

  • LEED Rated Buildings

    REDCOM employs a number of LEED certified professionals, including architects, engineers and project managers. We can also help your facility achieve LEED certification, as we offer this as an option for any of our clients to pursue. Being that a LEED certification is expensive to acquire, we can build, design and construct your facility to meet those qualifications without going through the paperwork.

    We are well-versed in anything from solar panels to geothermal heat replacement design, and we look forward to educating all of our clients in these environmentally responsible designs that also turn out to be good long term investments.

We specialize in solar panels in order to help our clients meet growing needs for clean, sustainable power and ongoing energy conservation. Our experienced team of professionals will provide energy consulting and assist you with the planning, financing, and installation. Going green will transform the experiences of everyone who walks through your building’s doors. Just imagine a new customer stepping into your lobby and seeing a flat screen display showcasing your buildings’ use of renewable energy—that’s quite a sales feature!

Cut your energy bills

This type of green is conducive to saving other sorts of green, too. Our energy solutions provide significant financial savings to our clients over the long term. As utility rates increase, clean solar energy remains consistently free.  Plus, we’re LEED-certified with over four certified staff members.

We’re continually work to provide solar panels that reduce energy costs through the effective use of sunlight, and to deliver on-time, on-budget solutions that maximize your return on investment.

Together with your vision in mind, we can give your dreams structure and ensure that it’s comfortable, economically efficient and environmentally friendly.

Eco-conscious design

Whether we’re building an industrial property, commercial building, auto dealership, educational institution, or medical facility, our cutting-edge design and quality construction is environmentally conscious.

Let the sun fuel your dreams. Our energy solutions are designed to promote cleaner air, water, and soil, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. And because we offer all of our services in-house, there is no outsourcing needed. We’re your trusted partner for every stage of the process.

Powered by solar energy. Driven by incentives.

Solar energy units often require a large investment to produce energy at a useful rate, but state tax credits, incentives and federal grants can provide financial support for residential and corporate buildings.

Our experienced team of in-house professionals will match you with the financial support you qualify for and will assist you in planning, financing, and installing solar panels. Best of all, our green solutions are designed to maximize your return on investment, providing financial savings over the long haul.