The Importance of Case Studies

Posted: August 6, 2012

Recently, REDCOM’s marketing director, Jenn DiPirro, has been interviewing our past and present clients about their experience working with my team. We have received some great feedback. I would encourage all business owners to actively engage their clients in such a way. Not only does it show them that you care, but it also helps evaluate your work and improve in the future.  Here is one example of a case study that she conducted with the manager, Anthony Esposito, from ACE Wire & Cable in Carteret, New Jersey.

Case Study:

“Greg Redington came into the meeting, rolled up his sleeves, and started doing drawings right in front of us,” Anthony Esposito said. “My boss was blown away.” This was October of 2011. Four months later, after approvals were received, REDCO and Ace closed on the deal and broke ground.

Everything was smooth until there were some unforeseen buried environmental issues that added up to an additional $500,000 in costs. “It was unfortunate, but it wasn’t REDCO’s fault,” Esposito said. “Terry McCuen, the project super, was always up front, on the phone with me, keeping me updated. Our communication with Terry has been excellent.”

Ace Wire & Cable first heard of REDCO through their real-estate broker, Bob Casagrande, from the firm Cassidy & Tearley. “So far I would absolutely recommend REDCO to anyone,” Esposito said. “Greg is always readily available and John (Executive Vice President) and Vinny (Project Estimator) are proactive with our best interests in mind. REDCO always has costs in mind in combination with our wants.”

The environmental issues put a slight hold on REDCO’s work and Ace now has a completion date in March of 2013. “I definitely want a big ribbon cutting when this baby is done,” Esposito remarked as he looked out on his barren, upturned lot. “We’re getting there!”