About Us

About Us

REDCOM’s CEO, Ryan Teicher, talks about the story of REDCOM.

Giving Your Dreams Structure

REDCOM is an award winning, full-service commercial architectural design, engineering, and construction company operating in New Jersey and the surrounding areas since 1982. REDCOM can take a project from concept to completion, offering comprehensive services that encompass every stage of a project. With its experienced team of professionals, REDCOM provides creative solutions that exceed industry standards.

Our Design-Build Approach

At REDCOM, our design-build approach sets us apart from the competition. Our integrated process combines engineering, architecture, estimating, and construction management under one roof. Close internal alignment and communication with our clients enables design optimization, value engineering and a streamlined project process that delivers excellent results.

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We provide planning, site engineering, site plan approvals, design, estimating, and value engineering to lay a solid foundation for your project.

Construction Management

Our experienced team coordinates all aspects of the construction process, ensuring efficient workflows, adherence to schedules, and high-quality craftsmanship.


We offer ongoing support for small projects and maintenance once construction is complete, ensuring the longevity and functionality of your facility.

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