Trusted Experts in Site Selection in New Jersey.

Are you looking for a property to build your business on? At REDCOM, we are experts in identifying available land parcels that best suit your facility and business needs. Our talented, in-house engineers can perform a feasibility study, to demonstrate the types of buildings that a particular piece of land is zoned for.

As land development specialists, we have access to sites that are not available to the public. Reach out to us to see if any of the sites we have knowledge of fit your construction project. Additionally, if you would prefer to look for a site that aligns with your needs prior to contacting us, you can use one of the websites below:

We are proud to work with a network of highly skilled brokers, for whom we conduct these feasibility studies, to ensure that their clients understand the zoning of a particular site. We offer site schematics as well, which can further demonstrate the types of facilities that can be built on a property.

Let us help you find the site to build the facility of your dreams!

To view the list of properties we have available, please click HERE.

To learn more about our land development opportunities, contact us at or (908) 233-4030.