Dealership Facility Requirements

Perforated panels, entrance cylinders, acoustical ceiling tiles… these are just some of the elements of new facility image upgrades that you should familiarize yourself with. Take a look at the renderings below to find out what your dealership should look like, as well as what things need to change in order to get you there.

– Extended showroom with ACM panels
– Standard light grey tinted glass with aluminum frames
– Reflected ceiling plan design
– Finished Service Drive space

– Terminal Scheme
– Curved wall element in showroom
– Perforated metal cladding – proprietary rainscreen system
– Communication Platform Info Wall

– Service Drive moved closer to the entrance
– Interior Brand Wall visible from the outside
– Curving light floor tile pattern with corresponding ceiling detail
– Modern glass soffit for entryway

– \”ARCH\” Concept – Distinct and symmetrical elements for both Land Rover and Jaguar
– Letter-box glass display windows with new entry element
– Frameless Planar Glazed Showroom windows
– Reflected Ceiling plan

– Curved aluminum facade
– Drop ceilings with Acoustical Ceiling Tile
– Enclose the Fitting Lounge in glass
– Remove LF fixtures, and switch to Juno lighting
– Dark matte floors and gray color schemes

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