If you don\’t think it could happen to you….

Find the person who had it happen to them.

When you\’ve done a job for a long time, it\’s easy to skip over the most basic of steps to do things correctly. If you\’ve worked on a construction site for 25 years and never had anything bad occur, little things like putting on a hard hats, gloves or goggles may seem like an annoyance. But those little things can be the difference between life and death.

Our OSHA-30 Certified Site Superintendents meet for safety talks and have discussions about safety on their sites.  In this industry, we must stress the importance of safety to our employees so they can then transfer that knowledge to workers on site.  From proper tool use to hazardous materials, different topics are discussed so our Site Superintendents are properly informed.  One recent topic was the importance of wearing a hard hat on site.  It seems like a simple notion, however, it is not enforced as strongly as it should be.

In the start of construction, a facility may need to have land excavated or walls put up, and debris could come from any direction.   Without proper gear, serious injuries could occur.  This could lead to putting a halt on the construction,  where it could become a delay in completion.  Not to mention a loss of man power.  The best way to ensure safety is to properly and continually enforce safety rules to anyone on site.  Make sure they are wearing hard hats, properly using machinery,  and know what to do in case of an emergency.  Becoming OSHA-30 Certified reinforces to our clients and subcontractors that we are knowledgeable in safety and safety procedures.

Safety First!

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